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Section 8 Recordings / Section 8 Bass (US), Robox NeoTech (DE), RANKADANK (CN), Free Love Digi (US)

DJ, Producer, Promoter

Wash is the co-founder of Hong Kong's premier Drum&Bass + Dubstep promoter Kongkretebass + Kongkast along side partner in crime Electronic Mistress (Elemiz), a Hong Kong based organisation which has been pushing the limits and boundaries in every angle possible promoting music events, website, as well as Asia’s biggest drum & bass/dubstep podcast in the region since 2006. Kongkretebass have hosted some of the best Drum & Bass / Dubstep events in Hong Kong. Named by “TIMEOUT Magazine (Hong Kong)” as “Ever-present and deeply knowledgeable promoter”, Kongkretebass has been instrumental in the growing of the bass music scene in Hong Kong.

Wash ventured into music in the late 90s when living in Sydney, Australia. He took to deejaying in the year 2000 with breakbeats, hip hop and later Drum & Bass. With over a decade of DJing, DJ Wash has developed his skills on the turntables in numerous performances throughout Asia as well as on the international stage. Regarded as the best Drum & Bass DJ in Hong Kong/China, and one of the best in Asia, he has share the stage with highprofile DJs such as Friction, Goldie, Breakage, SpectraSoul, Shimon, Big Bud, Chris Su & Jade, Lynx, Goth-Trad, Distance, Kode9, Kryptic Minds, Pinch to name a few.

Wash convinces the crowds with dynamic sets, tight and aggressive mixing skills and a refreshing spectrum of styles in Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Trap and all things Bass in general. Not a surprise, that since his return to Hong Kong in 2005, he has been headlining many of the city's major Drum & Bass nights in addition to international headline guest performances in Thailand (Bangkok), China (ShenZhen, Chengdu, Shanghai) & Germany’s Stroga Festival, Chemnitz, Cologne and Dresden in Germany.

Since his relocation to Dresden Germany in early 2012, DJ Wash has once again performed alongside partner in crime – Elemiz, as well as headlining and supporting high profile acts and events such as Tek La Rock (Noppe, Dub Police / FINN), STROGA Festival, and in September 2012, Wash represented Asian/Hong Kong Music artist at the forthcoming CCDC 2012 / CubeXII eMusic Festival – Presented by Bassliebe in Cologne, Germany.

Wash continues to push his studio work with productions and remix projects of his own deep, dark, tech-style sounds in the genres of Drum & Bass and Bass Music.

Being the first Chinese born Drum and Bass Producer from Hong Kong to be released not only in China, but in Europe and America. His first release came in the form of a remix, where was asked by renowned Czech Republic’s Trash Pop band “100°C“ on “INDIESCOPE Records” to remix for their album “Brunt Rock” released in 2008. Having relocating to Germany in early 2012, his sound was quickly noticed by the local peers, and his first release can be found on a Dresden, Germany local CD Compilation called – Musik Freunde Kumpilation. Which was released in June 2012.

Since the start of 2013, Wash has had a string of releases signings. With his debut release on high profile USA Drum & Bass / Dubstep Label – “Section 8 Recordings” as well as their sister label “Section 8 Bass”. Both releases are already left a mark on the label, as he has already signed his third release with Section 8, which is due to come out in the second half of the year. Within Asia, his second release for fast rising China based label “Rankadank Recordings” came out early 2013 call “Equilibrium EP.

The second half of 2013 will see more forthcoming material to be released on Berlin’s infamous Electronica Label “Robox Neotech”, as well as an American Label called “Free Love Digi”.

His music have been widely supported by Asia and Oceanic artists, as well as across the airwaves in Europe as well as Great Britain. Some of his original music has been featured on Channel V’s opener for the “AMP" (Asia) Television show, as well as many episodes of Kongkast.

With his love for music radio and a vision into the future of music, DJ Wash had taken to the airwaves since 2004. Hosting his own Internet radio show for UK-based Drum and Bass website (2004-2006), in which it was one of the highest rating Drum & Bass Music website in the 2005.

From then, he channelled his music through podcasting, and in 2006, Kongkretebass KONGKAST was born. The first Asia based Drum & Bass / Dubstep Podcast direct from Hong Kong. It has been named by many as across the globe as “Asia’s Number 1 Drum & Bass Podcast”. Hosting some of the biggest names from all around the world. KONGKAST have had great success with over 250,000+ downloads each year since 2008.

With a respectable history in events promotions, broadcasting and deejaying, DJ Wash has undoubtedly established himself as a prolific figure in the top of the Drum & Bass/Dubstep scene South East Asia and beyond.

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Support to International DJs:
Friction (Shogun Audio), Goldie (Metalheadz), Shimon (Ram Records, Audio Porn), SpectraSoul (Shogun Audio, Metalheadz), Neonlight (Germany), Inside Info (Viper / UK), Breakage (Digital Soundboy, Bassbin), Nu-Tone (Hospital), Suv (Full Cycle, V Recordings), A-Sides (Eastside), Sonic (Virus Recordings), Lynx (Soul:R, Bingo, Creative Source), Stress Level (Dispatch, Commerical Suicide) , Big Bud (GLO, SoundTrax), Chris.Su (Commerical Suicide), Jade (Citris), Digital (Timeless), Utah Jazz (V Recordings), Aki (ES9 / JP), Robot Death Squad (Moving Shadows), Kiat (MetalHeadz), Mako (Utopia Recordings), Tek La Rok (Noppa, Dub Police / FIN), Goth-Trad (Deep Medi), Distance (ChestPlate, Planet Mu), Kode9 (Hyperdub), Kryptic Minds (Orisis), Pinch (Swamp81 / UK), Truth (Deep Medi), Greg G (7even Recordings), Conrank (Suicide Dub / UK), DJ Fu (UK), Krust (Full Cycle), DJ Aki (Womb Tokyo).

Kongkretebass KONGKAST
Kongkretebass Kongkast is a bi-weekly Drum and Bass/Dubstep Podcast aiming to broadcast the latest and the greatest of Drum and Bass/Dubstep. With a “no boundary” approach, Kongkast’s aim is to provide fresh tunes from all spectrums of Drum and Bass/Dubstep Music.

Since its launch in the middle of 2006, Kongkast has built it self as a reputation like no other in Asia. With high profiles Producers, DJs and Labels on taking part in the providing quality mixes.

The coverage of KONGKAST on BBC Radio 1’s Drum and Bass show with Fabio – as 'Podcast of the week' (05/2008) and also in Knowledge Magazine as 'Podcast of the month' (Issue#102, 09/2008), has elevated Kongkretebass into the international stages.

Kongkast currently averaging over 25000 – 30000+ listeners per month, with mixes coming from cross the globe. The latest mixes include HEAVY1 (Demand Record / JP), ARPXP (Critical / IT), SEED (DETAIL Recordings / UK), BTK (Virus / Brazil), InsideInfo (Viper / UK), INFRA (Dubmarine / GER), DUB ELEMENTS (ALGORYTHM / SPAIN) Survival (Audio Tactics / UK), DJ Fu (UK), Kode9 (Hyperdub / UK), Tunnidge (Deep Medi / UK), Martsman (Medschool, UK), Utopia Music Showcase, Ruse Records Showcase, Camo & Krooked (Austria), Body & Soul (Austria), IllSkillz (Austria), Dose (Commercial Suicide, NZ), Proxima (Netherlands), Rido (Defcom, CZ), SpectraSoul (Shogun Audio, UK), Big Bud (SoundTrax, UK), Nymfo (Netherlands), Matt-U (Hungry), Cyrus-Random Trio (UK), Alley Cat (UK), Truth (Deep Medi/ NZ), Matt-U (Hungry) and Asia regional DJs such as Kid

Fresh (GER/HK), N1D (Macau), Zuju (Macau), DJ Dragon (Bangkok), Darren Dubwise (Singapore), Twinhed (Singapore), ZeroDubz (Australia) and much more since 2006.

Each year, Kongkast have had over 250,000+ downloads/streams in the top ten mixes alone, making this one of the most listened to Podcast for Drum&Bass/Dubstep/Bass Music in the World.




Macoboy & Merzo

BROTHERS IN ARMS aka B.I.A sind ein DJ-/Produzenten Duo aus Köln und Wuppertal.

MACOBOY und MERZO waren bereits seit einigen Jahren in der Deutschen Drum&Bass-Szene aktiv, bevor sie sich Anfang 2009 im U-Club Wuppertal zusammenschlossen, wo sie sich schon mit internationalen Top-Artists wie u.A. Serial Killaz, Aries, Ricky Tuff, David Rodigan, Mad Cobra und King Shiloh die Bühne teilten.

Neben Gigs quer durch das Land und u.A. in Italien und den Niederlanden präsentieren sie ihr energetisches Showcase regelmäßig bei BASSLIEBE Events, insbesondere wenn dort Kollaborationen mit dem Kölner KINGSTONE SOUNDSYSTEM anstehen.

Ob in ihren technisch ausgefeilten Produktionen oder den auf höhstem Level performten DJ-Sets, der unverkennbare Sound von B.I.A ist ein Garant für ausgelassen tanzende Menschen und positive Vibes.

Der Mix aus Drum&Bass, Reggae, Junge und Dancehall verbindet jamaikanische Soundsystem- mit britischer Rave-Kultur und begeistert so Menschen mit den verschiedensten musikalischen Backgrounds.

Seit 2011 erhalten sie regelmäßig Unterstützung vom talentierten MC BROTHER CHARITY, der mit seinen Host- und Singer-Skills am Mic die Sets vollends abrundet.




Die Kölner BASSLIEBE CREW (beim CUBE XII vertreten durch DYNA, FR33M4N, POCOLOCO und MACOBOY) hat sich bei ihrer Gründung Anfang 2010 das Ziel gesetzt, Bassmusik und insbesondere Dubstep in der Region Köln nach ihren Vorstellungen zu pushen.

In den zwei Jahren ihres Bestehens brachten sie neben internationalen Top Stars wie z.B. FLUX PAVILION hauptsächlich Underground Acts und Newcomer auf die Kölner Bühnen.

Die in der Zwischenzeit in ganz Deutschland gebuchten Bassfreunde betreiben zusätzlich das Label „BASSLIEBE RECORDS“, das bis heute stolze 26 Releases hervorgebracht hat.




Seit 2010 veröffentlicht codec7 regelmäßig die Podcast-Serie "Soulflares-Mixes" und erreicht mittlerweile eine weltweite Hörerschaft.

Die Soulflares - Podcasts streifen durch  Genres wie Drum & Bass, Dubwise, Jungle, Dubstep, Trap, Afrobeat und präsentieren Urban Music Bass Sounds vom Feinsten.
Bisher wurden über 60 Podcast-Mixe veröffentlicht. Das Kölner DJ und Produzenten Team codec7 & Freesia arbeitet zudem an eigenen Produktionen und verbreitet den "soulflares sound" mit seinen DJ-Sets.

Seit Juli 2013 sind codec7 & Freesia Resident Djs beim Radiosender 674.FM und präsentieren ihre Show "Soulflares Music Sessions".